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National Railway Project Sultanate Oman
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Metro C
Rome Metro C: SECTIONS T6A and T7
Railways and
Urban Transport
Nairobi Commuter Rail: Lrt- Light Rail Transit
Railways and
Urban Transport
New Access Road Exhibition Expo Milano 2015
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About us

SINTAGMA is an independent, qualified Italian company in the planning and consulting sector of the transportation industry. It is composed of experienced professionals who have been working together since the early 70s.

Over the years, Sintagma has formed an organic group of professional technicians, with distinguished specialisation in the transportation infrastructure sector related to railways, tramways and metros road and parking areas, bus and train stations, intermodal platforms and related buildings.

The guaranteed services of the Company include feasibility and environmental impact studies; transportation and urban planning; preliminary, executive and construction planning and design.

During the development stage, guaranteed services also include work direction, project management, training and capacity building.